A first Date with the Alfa Romeo Spyder on JNC Wheels

Now I don’t believe in side chiks but after a first date with the Alpha Romeo, whatever ride you’ve been pushing automatically gets demoted to side chik. The body chemistry of this seductress, ranging from its sophisticated sporty structure to its dreamy interior, tells a love story. The architectural work on this ride is way ahead of next year. The Alpha Romeo has an Italian origin and its design is inspired by the retro 1967 33 stradale, which was a Huge hit and was manufactured by a most influential gear head, Franco scallion. This sexy coupe asserts a certain dominance that brings back the 50 shades of grey.

As you slowly warp your way into the front seat you can’t help but wonder, what inspired such an engine? Well we got to sit down with legendary test driver Chris hamsworth of JNC Wheels and Rims he give us the in and outs of the car. This wonderful car stands out with a cantankerous expression, trouble written all over the interior, you already know you are in for the ride of your life. The 4C spyder isn’t your everyday car; the rarity of the likes usually causes quite a hullabaloo on the streets so I guess you should prepare yourself for a lot of awkward stares from drooling passersby if you decide to take the 4c out on a test drive. The Alpha Romeo has got a great stance with reasonably low suspension and a lot of people would like to know how good it performs on the road. Asides the ability of this gorgeous beauty to distract its own driver, it is also quite an asset on the road with simplified technology that makes navigation easy. The 4C spider doesn’t keep a lot of excess baggage and intricate technology that further adds weight to the vehicle. The 4c weighs an approximate 2500 pounds with an engine capacity of 1.7L, 237hp, turbo charged four cylinders. However the 4C might be a little selective when it comes to terrain. Its reasonably low suspension makes it quite a challenge to course through uneven landscape and speed bumps which is most likely to create an intended convoy on the roads, but then am sure nobody would mind tailing this gorgeous specimen for a little while, it is not every day you see one of these on the street, while some extremists would even slow down to take a quick background selfie before zooming off. This does not in any way say that the alpha Romeo is soft on speed. The 4C spyder features an alpha TCT 5-speed, automated manual transmission built in with a duo clutch with paddle shifters and this gives a great combination between manual sequence and automatics. This beauty was built for highways; its magnificence erupts as it drops its hood and goes topless. Getting stuck at a slow road isn’t for this bad girl as her size allows her manoeuver within little corners and small spaces which would definitely hold up a regular sized vehicle.

After all is said and done, the alpha romeo4C spyder completely has my heart. The 4C feature a mid engine, rear wheel drive, two-seater and two-door convertible. Engine power is 1.7L, 237hp/258LB-ft, a turbocharged 16 valve 1-4 with a transmission of six-speed dual-clutch.

Curb weight is 24371b and wheel base is 93.7 in length, width and height are 157.3 x 73.5 x 46.6 In. it builds 0-60mph in 4.1 sec with braking 60-0mph by 113ft. suspension are dual control arm (f), Macpherson strut (r) and has a quarter mile of 12.8secs@109mph, the 4C spider is the real deal.